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About Cardinal Pest and Lawn

Pest Control and Lawn Care Done Right

For two years now, we have been collaborating and planning. Saving, and investing. Our dream has finally become a reality! We have both been in the pest control industry for several years. It became apparent to us though that we wanted to build something we could be proud of. Something that people would know us for. Something permanant, that was real. We didn't want to be another sales company in disguise. But we didn't want to stop there. We wanted to be the best! We wanted to serve a community as the one stop shop for anything from lawn mowing and fertilization to extensive pest control. For the last several years, we have learned as much as we could from experts in the field as we saved up the capitol to invest in ourselves. 

We are proud to announce that the wait is over! Proudly serving the South-East Idaho area - From Island Park to Blackfoot - we are here for all your pest control, lawn care, and snow removal needs! With years of experience, and years to come, we offer amazing and personalized service along with unbeatable prices.


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